Customer testimonials

"My wife and I went fishing with Captain Joey and had an awesome time. It was her first fishing trip and she wants to go back again. Captain Joey made us feel at home, took time to bait the hooks and take the fish off for my wife he made it a very nice trip. I already booked another trip with him. Highly Recommended"

Pete B

"Made the trip from Texas, we will definitely be back."

Mike D

"Top of the line guide service, electronics I wish I had on the lake, he runs the trolling motor from the Captain's chair and lets his customers fish the bow"

Randy B

"I brought my younger brother fishing with Joey, this was his first time catching redfish now all I hear is "when are we going back" Thanks Captain Joey"

Cathy S.

"Joey does what it takes to put you on the fish"

Leon R.

"Didn't have to fight the guide when we're on the fish, he actually didn't even fish on our trip"

Caleb H.

"I got a gift certificate from my boss, the trip was one of the best guided trips I have been on. Captain Joey is very interactive with his customers not like some trips I been on in the past where the captain drops anchor and sits in the back of the boat."

Chris T.

"My two boys and I had the pleasure of spending the morning with Captain Joey. What an amazing day of learning and catching fish! Joey was incredibly kind and patient with my boys and they have not stopped asking me when we can do it again!"

Josh R.

"Spent the day with Joey, he took his time to cater to our needs as we are very inexperienced on the fishing front"

Scotty B.